Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making the Baby Snowman

It finally warmed up & stopped snowing. So we had a ton of snow to play in. Nickolas helped Aunt Livvie & Mommy build a baby snowman. While we building the baby snowman Nickolas would sing Frosty the snow man. Then Nickolas started eating our snowman. He would say, "Look Mommy, Nic eat Frosty, & then laugh." While we were outside our Timmy came to plow the drive way. Towards the end he got stuck and couldn't get out. After watching them for a couple of minutes try to get the truck unstuck Nickolas looked at me and said, "Nic call Lofty"(Lofty is off of the TV show Bob the Builder & is a Crane). While we were sitting out in the snow Nickolas bent over in stuck is tongue in the snow and came up laughing saying Nic eat snow, your turn Mommy, then your turn Puppy(he calls Livvie Puppy) over and over again. Then he changed it to eat your lunch Mommy, your turn eat your lunch Puppy. Later on I told Nickolas it was time go in and He replied,"Wait Nic needs to finish lunch" and then proceed to sit down and eat snow.