Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Ocharid

They grow'em big in Maine

Half way before the apple hit the ground

My Mom, Livvie, Sammy, Nickolas & I all went to the apple orchard today. We went for a hay wagon ride pulled by two big black horse that the first thing Nickolas did when he saw then was to moo. lol Then we went & got some bags to fill up with apples. Nickolas loved his appe so much. He held onto all the way home and then for about 15 more mintues while we were getting veggies out of the garden at Nana's.


Here are some pictures of a couple nights ago. It was sooo cold outside. I think it was around 35 degrees out. Nickolas loved it thought. He helped Aunt Livvie pick pears for her pear stand out by the road. She's made about $15 already & it has only been about 3 days since she started it. Then we took a ride around the house in his car. I just thought it He looked so cute in his little LLbean fleece outfit, so I had to share some pictures.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playing in Nana's Garden & a puddle

Eating a peach from Nana's peach tree

Squatting & eating a peach
Playing in the garden & is Luke holding the apple by the stem in this picture?
Playing in the mud puddle!

Today we went up to Nana's house to get some corn. We ended up with a lot more then corn though. The peach's were ready. Nickolas loved them. I ate it right down to the seed thing. He also loved getting dirty in the garden. We went home I let Nickolas play in a puddle for the first time. He liked to splash and walk though it. Nickolas watched Luke walk over to the puddle then take a drink in it, so then Nickolas bent down & stuck his face in the puddle too & tried to take a drink!!! It was so funny & gross.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Raccoon

Livvie set a trap and caught a raccoon. My Dad, Nickolas & I went down in the woods to check it

and that is what me found. Nickolas loved it.