Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bath time for Nolan & Nickolas

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Look at all those teeth!!!

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Nickolas & Nolan meeting for the first time!!

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We went shopping at Kohls this past week & Nickolas walked through the whole store only falling a couple of times. When we got to the home decorating part of it Nickolas spoted this pillow and fell in love with it!

Picking it up to take with him

Taking it with him

It was a big as he was, Nickolas walking down the isle

Just a couple of pictures of Nickolas & I.

Getting into Refrigerator

Nickolas LOVES the refrigerator! Anytime it's open he runs right over to it and climbs in it!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Salmon Point

My Dad and Nickolas playing at the lake.

Nickolas Loved the water and sand!

Well the last time we went to Salmon Point Nickolas was probably 2 months old. This time though he had soo much fun. Nickolas would crawl head first into the water and go under, Somebody would pull him up but he wouldn't cry at all just smile and do it all again. lol Oh yeah Nickolas would also eat the sand...alot.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Photos

Nickolas (still in his pjs) with my Moms sun glasses on. For some reason he loves to play with them.
Aunt Livvie & Nickolas setting up her big fish take. Nickolas loved it. He stood there the whole watching what ever she was doing. He loved it when my Dad would dump the water in to the tank. I think it was more because I would let him stick his hands in there and play with the water. He would also keep climbing up the glass of the tank to try to stick his hands in the water.